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Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet Bio Photo
Uncle Bob’s Magic Cabinet is a mother/daughter podcast on all things magic and mythology in pop culture. We explore everything from hauntings, mythical monsters, and witchcraft through the ages to mediums and urban legends. We are proud nerds who talk exclusively in movie quotes and witch whispers, and are so excited to have you join in on the fun!
Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet Leigh's Bio Photo
Leigh Morrissey, the daughter, is an artist, digital marketer, and all-around boss lady.
Aquarius and life-long horror buff, Leigh hails from the city of Pittsburgh. She has an obsession with Tom Savini and is likely Matthew Lillard’s biggest fan.
Between swearing and mispronouncing words, Leigh keeps the UBMC ship afloat. She is constantly looking for ways to better the show and is thrilled to have found her dream job.
Leigh is a pop culture fanatic obsessed with all things spooky. Currently enrolled in the Digital Marketing degree program at Full Sail University, Leigh is a full-time student and co-host.
Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet Lori's Bio Photo
Lori Lazar, the mom, is a born plant lover and herbalist.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Lori is a Virgo in the most intricate, detailed, and well-ordered sense imaginable.
Perhaps the single most technologically challenged person on the planet, Lori has wanted to start a podcast since 2018. Though to be fair, she thought vlogs were podcasts at that time.
When she isn’t veering dangerously off the road to look at a plant or adding to an alarmingly large collection of tchotchkes, she’s nose deep in the books researching fun new topics for the show.

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